The Commander of the Greater Accra Regional Police Operations, ACP Kwasi Ofori has charged the Club Licensing Board of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to ensure locally approved football venues are upgraded to match-up to international standards.

In his view, upgrading these match centers will help almost all stakeholders feel secured and safe, and also enable the police to effectively deploy proper security apparatus to combat hooliganism during games.

ACP Ofori was speaking during a forum organized by TV3 in partnership with the Ghana Football Association to address issues of hooliganism.

“Looking at Accra, for instance, where the worse disaster happened years ago, we have seen a lot of improvement and coordination but looking at the discussion that we are having most of the recent violence are outside Accra and I believe the licensing Authority of the sports fraternity should look at stadia security very well.

“For instance, we use to have one venue at Dansoman where the Greater Accra Regional Operations use to support the Dansoman Division and I can tell you looking at the bushes around, the nature of the environment at the time we use to go there, it didn’t provide good security,” he added.

“People can just break in from all sides and have access to the inner perimeter, so if we are going to take sports as a business, then more investment needs to go into these direction, making sure the place conforms to international stadia structure,” he concluded.