The Commander of the Greater Accra Regional Police Operations, ACP Kwasi Ofori wants the Ghana Football Association to involve the Ghana Police in its handling of cases of hooliganism at the Disciplinary Committee level.

ACP Kwesi Ofori made the comments during a forum on hooliganism, its effect and the way forward, organized by TV3 in collaboration with the Ghana FA.

In his words, “The police have it as our constitutional mandate to protect people at the stadium and we are determined to do that always.

He went further to state that engaging the police in disciplinary committee cases that warrant arrest and prosecution helps in executing the aforementioned mandate.

“We’ll call on the FA call on the Ghana Police Service on issues on misconduct that will warrant arrest and prosecution, ACP Kwesi Ofori noted.

“After taking their DC decisions, aspects that need the police to act must be channeled to the police so we act,” he added.

Hooliganism has been the age-long scourge of Ghana Football. Over the years, it has frustrated and collapsed attempts made by football leaders to take the country’s football to the top.