The General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association, Prosper Harrison Addo has urged the Ghana Police Service to not hesitate in arresting and prosecuting hooligans at local football centers.

Hooliganism continues to be the scourge of Ghana Football, crippling and serving as a kibosh for anything progress in the local game.

There have been several cases of violent acts perpetrated by fans at match venues this season across the various football leagues but no one has been dealt with according to the law for it yet.

This surprises the various stakeholders who believe dealing directly with perpetrators of such acts is the way to go and not just imposing stadium bans on clubs found culpable.

Speaking at a forum to address the how best all football stakeholders can come together to tackle hooliganism, Prosper Harrison Addo urged the police to help the Ghana Football Association in their attempts to stem hooliganism from football.

He proceeded by urging the Ghana Police Service to arrest hooligans and Prosecute them.

“We urge the Ghana Police Service to consider attacks at match venues as a crime and arrest and punish hooligans,” he said.

“Anything that happens at the stadium has the sporting aspect and the criminal aspect and we urge the Police to arrest them on the criminal aspect and prosecute them,” he added.