The Volta Regional Football Association (VRFA) yesterday,1st April 2021 donated items to support the upcoming Juvenile leagues at District levels across the Region. The donation includes over 40 football to be use at the various game centres across the Region.

The RFA also handed over 50 whistles and 100 learner’s flags to equip the newly recruited young referees being developed under the GFA’s catch them young policy in the various Districts.

The Regional Chairman, Daniel Agbogah who chaired the meeting congratulated his DFA Chairmen for their efforts to assist the juvenile and Division 3 Clubs enrolled unto the FIFA Connect Registration System.

“I must congratulate all of you for your relentless efforts to have our district level clubs enrolled unto the FIFA Connect Registration System. Something we have struggled to do over the years. I am so excited about this achievement”.

Daniel Agbogah further urged the DFA Chairmen to be mindful of the challenges that lie ahead of them to have a successful league season.

“Having said that, I must tell you that we have a huge task that lies ahead of us. It bestows on us to deliver our mandate to the people. Football must revive in the Volta Region and it must start from the Districts across the Region.”

The RFA Chairman also urged the DFA’s to make good use of the items donated and take good care of them. He promised the RFA’s support to the DFA’s until football in the Volta Region gains it’s full grounds.

“Though this items are just a token, I humbly urge you to take good care of them and put them into good use. I assure you that if God gives us life and strength, and things improve, we shall continue to support development of football at the district levels until we reposition Volta Football. We are not stopping at anything and this must be a collective fight just as you have all started.” Daniel Agbogah said.

Source: RFA Communications.