The President of the Ghana Football Association Mr Kurt E S Okraku has admitted lack of maintainance as the reason behind low quality of pitches in the country.

The poor nature of the pitches in the Ghana Premier League, Division One League, Women’s Premier League, as well as the Regional Football League has become one of the factors reducing the quality of the league.

In an interview with, Kurt believed it’s one of the challenges affecting the country’s domestic competitions, and together with his able executives, are in their quest to panacea such conundrum.

“I don’t think it’s about the quality of our pitches, but rather our maintenance culture as a country.

“Generally we don’t have bad pitches, but if we fail to maintain those pitches over time, we will see the bad pitches coming out. Kurt posited.

Having identified the problem, the FA has decided on a bore hole project as a yardstick to solve the pitches problem in the country.

“That’s more reason I spoke and pursue the idea of a bore hole that will supply water to our people and I believe it will end in a success.

“People complained about the Dawu pitch when it was shown on live tv and many other venues, it’s all due to our maintenance culture, the bore hole system will hopefully curb such menace. He added.

The provision of boreholes will aim at improving the quality of pitches and ultimately improve competitions across the country.

The mechanized borehole strategy will be funded via the FIFA Forward 1.0 program.

The borehole project will be used to develop Premier League, Division One League, Women’s Premier League pitches and Game centres of Regional Football Associations.