The President of the Ghana Football Association Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku has is optimistic about the future of Ghana Football.
His optimism stems from the recent developments witnessed in the footballing sector since he assumed the seat as Head of the GFA.
The astute football administrator was elected into office in 2019 following a keenly contested election. Kurt Okraku now has the difficult task of returning Ghana Football – a brand fraught corruption and integrity denting issues- to the apex of the continental and global football platforms.
During his campaign for the top seat, Kurt Okraku identified himself as the Game Changer and propagated the agenda for change in almost every aspect of the game to realize the target of becoming a top brand well appreciated by the corporate world and the entire football populace again.
Gradually, some policies rolled on board has generated the necessary attention and delivered commendable results. Despite the grsdula progress being record, the Ghana FA boss has also encountered challenges along the line.
In an exclusive interview with, he alluded to the above and explained why the GFA need not relent in their effort to keep working on transforming the game.
“Change doesn’t take one day because people naturally are adamant to change,” Kurt Okraku told FMIG.
“We need to keep pressing the right buttons, rolling out the right policies and ensuring that we continue to preach the gospel of change,” he continued.
“I have to ensure that on all facets of the football ecosystem we’re in the right way. It will take time, but as we progress along, I am very positive about the future,” he added.