The President of the Ghana Football Association Kurt E.S. Okraku has spoken about the imminent return of the juvenile football and the other lower-tier football leagues.
The various Juvenile Leagues, the Regional Division 2 and 3 leagues have been frozen for the past 3 years following the suspension of football due to the Anas Expose.
Subsequent happenings have rendered the terrain inactive with the numerous affected clubs expressing worry for being left behind.
However, they are likely to see light at the end of the tunnel following the disclosure of the GFA boss.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Kurt Okraku said engagements have been had to discuss the way forward for these lower tier competitions.
“We have been engaging. My 10 RFA Chairmen and their officers are very much aware of what is happening and how we are all preparing for the resumption of games.” Kurt Okraku told
“In the next few days we will engage again and I’m sure that very very soon we shall start to consume not only juvenile football but also the 3rd Division and the 2nd Division Leagues,” he ended.