The woes of Hearts of Oak keep deepening as supporters’ leader Elvis Herman Hesse Jr. has tendered in his resignation letter few days after the departure of their coach Kosta Papic.

Elvis becomes the 6th official of the club to have laid down his tools and the 7th to leave the club in two weeks.

The young and exuberant supporters’ leader is believed to have taken a cold bath from the board after leading a demonstration again the board of the club following the departure of Kosta Papic.

Hesse Jnr. led a section of the fans to in a revolt against the board over the resignation of three members of the technical team.

The chairman of the National Chapters Committee in a statement to the board called for the office of the club to be put under lock and key and also requested for the Annual General Meeting of the board, which has not been held for the past three years, to be held immediately.

Following his action, insiders say the young man has been subjected to vilifications by other board members who see him as a mole, stabbing them in the back.

The young man in his resignation letter is believed to have stated that he feels his presence on the board is diluting their functions, hence his decision to take a bow.

Around 2pm on Tuesday, Hesse Jnr. handed his resignation letter to the club’s administrator at the secretariat.

The resignation of Hesse Jnr. seems to further expose the cracks in the club, forcing them to go a little over a decade without a Premier League trophy.

Before his resignation, head coach Kosta Papic, assistant coach Asare Bediako and Goalkeepers’ coach Ben Owu all bowed out of the club within one week.

Team Manager/Welfare Officer Sabahn Quaye was sacked a day after the team driver and equipment officer all resigned.

Hesse Jr. was put on the board of directors of the Phobians after his election as NCC Chairman in June 2019.