Ghana Coach Charles Kwabla Akonnor will have his tactics tested tonight when the Black Stars engage their Malian counterparts in a friendly encounter.

This will be Akonnor’s first game in charge and several eyes will be watching how he particularly sets his team up to play.

The Coach has often spoken about the need to play with an identity and discipline as he believes this could prove key to bettering Ghana’s lot.

His call-up had a fine blend of experience and youth and certainly gives a gist of how his starting lineup if going to look like.

However how he is able to get the players to play with his brain will be key against a Malian side who are also technically gifted and tactically have a very good coach in Mohammed Mogassouba.

Mogassouba in his earlier engagement with the media has brimmed with optimism as he believes his team has individual brilliance and the right character to give C.K Akonnor’s side a good test on Friday.

Many Ghanaians have raised doubts about Akonnor’s tactical acumen and his first game provides the opportunity for such concerns to be effectively dealt with or emboldened.

Whichever way it goes, one thing that is for sure is that the Mali clash presents the much awaited opportunity for Akonnor to prove his worth as national team coach and also win over some unbelievers to his camp.