Fast-rising Division Two side Benab FC have signed a partnership deal with Sports Management firm Sterling Sports Africa.

The deal which was signed on Wednesday at Accra will see the sports management firm assume the management role of the club to achieve their target.

Sterling Sports Africa will be in charge of branding, advertising, sponsorship, and promotion, of the lower tier club.

Speaking after signing of the contract at Benab main office in Accra, CEO of Sterling Sports management Nuhu Sakibu assured that the primary objective of the deal is to stabilize the club at the division before the rest follows.

“We are a small club and will like to remain so. The primary objective is to develop players for the international market, whiles helping them to build their careers,” he told the media.

President and bankroller of Benab FC Alhaji Beana affirms his hopes on Sterling Sports Management to transform the club and make it a force to be reckon with.

Alhaji Beana ( President of Benab FC)

He ended up by maintaining that the club main focus is to nature talent and give them the platform to showcase their talent and will not rush to qualify to the top-flight league.