Owner and President of National Division One league side Vision FC, Michael Osekere has said that Ghana football will never be the same following the coronavirus crisis.

Ghana Football is set for a grand return after a 7 month break, after the Covid-19 imposed restrictions were eased by President Nana Akuffo-Addo.

Like almost every league around the world, the Ghana Football leagues are bracing for the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. With football having been suspended since March, clubs have been left in very dire financial conditions.

The income of Ghanaian clubs stands on two main pillars — ticketing and sponsoring and being denied these due to the inactivity has left clubs counting their losses during this period.

Speaking to Adom TV, Michael Osekere cast serious doubts on whether Ghana football can swiftly recover from the ruins of Covid-19.

He said “it will be difficult (for us to recover), but Covid has taught us a new way of life, so I think we just have to make do with it, and find new ways around what it has brought.

I know the whole world has been reset, so we also need to reset oursleves and flow by the new wave.

Michael Osekere has however expressed optimisim that Ghana Football will see a return of the passion fans and followers exhibited in the 2019-20 season before Covid happened.

“Before Covid, I noticed that the adrenaline levels of Ghanaians were high, we expect that as the game is set to return, it will even go a notch higer for us to get the football where we want it to be,” he said.