The Ghana Football Association in collaboration with FIFA are set to roll out an Integrity and Ethics Program ahead of the upcoming season.

In a publication by the Ghana FA, the Compliance and Integrity Officer of the association has been working with the Integrity Department of FIFA to roll out the GFA’s Integrity and Ethics program for the coming season.

Following Ghana’s experience from the Anas Exposé, both the GFA and FIFA are keen to roll out a program to inform and educate participants in Ghana football on integrity issues and the Code of Ethics.

Participants such as Referees, Match Commissioners, Players, Club Officials, GFA Staff, Supporters and all stakeholders in the game would be taken through the Ethical Awareness Program which will deploy the use of brochures, leaflets, creatives, seminar and educative shows as the GFA takes steps to clean the game.

The campaign will focus on issues such as No Betting by football Participants, Match Manipulation, Inducement of Match Officials, Bribery and Corruption and Discrimination & Defamation.

GFA’s Integrity campaign will use the tagline #ProtectFootball to keep the game clean from the ills of unethical practices and protect the integrity of the beautiful game in Ghana.

The public is advised to report Integrity Issues to the GFA Compliance & Integrity Unit Hotline: 059 337 1735 – WhatsApp: 059 337 1735 or by Email: