Asante Kotoko skipper Felix Annan has opened up on his relationship with his teammate Kwame Baah after losing his position to the latter.

Annan was undisputed number one for Asante Kotoko at the beginning of the truncated league but lost his position after match day four following his decision to ask permission to wed his long term girlfriend.

Kwama Baah has since assumed the number position run of Impressive performance.

However, despite losing his position, Annan has insisted his relationship with Kwame Baah remain the same despite losing his position to Kwame Baah.

“Kwame Baah doesn’t play himself, he is also a player. One thing I told him was that, I am not going to change, I will keep on being the Felix I am so don’t also change because the coach has given you the nod,” he told Nhyira FM.

“The respect we started with and the respect we have for each other, let’s try and keep that because you and I are players so don’t let this change your attitude or anything towards me if I have a problem, it’s between me and the coach and I don’t have a problem with you because it’s not you that select yourself to be in the post for matchdays so don’t let that change the relationship we’ve had all along, let’s keep that respect and forget about the competition.

“Even if there’s a problem between me and the coach, let’s solve it ourselves and don’t involve yourself in it,” he ended