Division One League clubs have been given a shot in the arm by the Ghana FA after their plea to have their share of the COVID-19 Relief Fund increased from $7500.

The Ghana FA some weeks ago announced that each Division One League club will be given $7500 from the FIFA/CAF COVID-19 Relief Fund to support themselves from the hardships brought by the pandemic.

Clubs in the second tier league agitated and called on the Ghana FA Executive Council to increase the money to, at least, $10k at a meeting between the DOL Board, clubs and the GFA ExCo.

The FA has responded to the calls of the clubs and has added $500 to the share of all DOL clubs.

A total of $24k will be added to the share of the DOL clubs which means each club will be entitled to $8000 instead of the initial $7500.

This means that the share of the DOL clubs from the fund will no more be $36000 but $38400.

The Ghana FA is sharing an amount of $1.3m from FIFA and CAF for clubs and all stakeholders of football in the country.

However, the funds are yet to be received from FIFA and CAF.