The Chief Executive Officer of AshantiGold SC, Emmanuel Frimpong has vowed not to let his players take to the field should football resume in the country because of CoronaVirus.

His firm stance hinges on the fact that the CoronaVirus disease is not to be taken lightly due to the devastating effect it has had globally across various sectors.

In Ghana, football activities have been halted since March 15 as a result of a government imposed directive to curb the spread of the viral disease.

There is no set date for football to return yet as the government and other stakeholders weigh up the pros and cons of such a decision.

Speaking in an interview with BBC, a concerned Emmanuel Frimpong insisted that he won’t risk the lives of his players should football return without any proper laid down health protocols to guard against Covid-19.

Frimpong believes now isn’t the best time to consider playing football.

“For now, it is not a good idea – the health of my players is more important,” he told BBC Africa.

“Until there is a solution to this virus, I don’t think I would like to expose my players to the danger. This virus is not a joke.”

The Ghana FA has settled on October tentatively as the date for football to resume.

However, they will have to lobby government to lift the ban that has placed on contact sports since March.