Asante Kotoko legend Malik Jabir is demanding more accountability from the players at the club.

According to the former Ghanaian international, the current crop are not as committed when compared to past squads.

Speaking during the Honouring of Kotoko Legends Ceremony organized by Kum Apem WhatsApp Group in Kumasi, Jabir didn’t mince his words when asked what the club needs to do to reclaim its glory.

“Every player in the team first should make up his mind to play for Asante Kotoko you think you cannot play for the club wholeheartedly get out” he said.

He continued, “The current crop of players should learn from what made the club big. We sacrificed our everything to make the club what it is now,”

“It is disheartening and very painful to see the team losing following abysmal performance of players.” He said.

“During our time we were so closed to the extent that we sometimes came together to recommend players that should join the club, but sadly it can’t be said today.”

“We also never paid so much attention to our personal training. We all used to train at Stadium every morning before the team’s training, but this is something we don’t see today. Most of them rely on only the team’s training.”