New Hearts of Oak striker Ademola Danjuma Kuti says he is itching to get back on the pitch to play, following the halting of football in Ghana due to COVID-19.

No football game has taken place in the country since March 2020 following a government directive to suspend such activities owing to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ademola Kuti joined Hearts of Oak in May 2020 during the second transfer window, meaning, he’s yet to make his bow as a player of the club.

With government gradually phasing out the Covid-19 restrictions, the football fraternity remains hopeful of football returning sooner than later.

Hearts of Oak’s Nigerian striker is equally hopeful of such a situation and has told Kumasi based Oyerepa FM in an interview that, he cannot wait to get back to playing the game he loves.

“It’s not easy but we just need to manage, I have being at home for a while so it’s not easy to stay out of Football and all like that,” he told Oyerepa FM.

“I can’t wait to come back to start the game now its 3 months now” he noted.

“I’m training on my own here in Nigeria waiting for the boarders to be opened so I return.”

Ademola Kuti is currently in Nigeria where he has been preparing on his own in anticipation of football resuming soon.

He has revealed that the Hearts of Oak fraternity has been keeping in touch regularly and is much appreciative of such a gesture.

“Once a while the coach (Nii Odoom) sends me a message checking on me and all, they (Hearts family) are nice people, always checking on me to find out how am doing and everything, he remarked.