The Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Henry Asante Twum has shared the latest update with regards to the appointment of a new technical director for Ghana Football.

The leadership of Ghana Football is on the lookout for a replacement for Francis Oti Akenteng who vacated his role as the GFA’s technical director after more than a decade’s service.

Oti Akenteng vacated his role in March 2020 with the GFA promising a replacement by May.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic seems to have slowed down proceedings; with football stakeholders and fans alike left wondering what’s next.

Henry Asante Twum has however broken the FA’s silence on the matter.

In an interview with Kumasi based Hello FM, he shared the latest development.

“We have already done the interview after we released the shortlisted names. Where we have reached now who ever we choose to settle on, there will be negotiations, and a few things. I know the Technical Director role is of great importance to the Ghana FA,” Henry Asante told Hello FM.

“Oti Akenteng legacy is remarkable and we have to get someone who is competent to continue. Ghanaians should give us a little time; talks are still ongoing for the appointment to be made public,” he noted.

With names like Bashir Hayford and other local coaches applying, there have been calls from a section of the media for the GFA to appoint a Black Technical director. Henry Asante Twum has shot down such calls insisting race shouldn’t be a determining factor in choosing the right person for the role.

“I don’t think race is an issue.  Kofi Annan worked as UN Secretary, so I don’t think race is an issue. First of all, you have to look at the competence of the person and what the person brings to the table. Secondly, where we are heading to and the kind of person who can help you reach there. Then again, the philosophy you want to use to run your football. So, there are a lot of factors the ExCo are looking at and I am happy a lot of the people who applied have worked in top countries,” he remarked.

In relation to why football followers have been kept in the dark as to the names of applicants being considered, Henry Asante Twum has provided an explanation, while also praising the Ghanaian Coaches who applied for the role.

He said “Even the Ghanaians who applied have great knowledge in the game and have much experience, but we decided not to publish their names because they are attached and could have led to their sacking.

“I know the one that we will settle on will be someone who will help our game to progress,” Henry Asnate concluded.

The new Technical Director of the Ghana FA will be tasked to steer the affairs of Ghana Football technically to aid the game’s revivification. He will also be tasked to come up with a blueprint regarding how football should be played at the various national levels.