The Board Chairman of Lemla Group Mr Richard K. Atikpo has donated items worth thousands of Cedis to the Rising Star and Potters Village Orphanage at Dodowa and the Accra Psychiatric Hospital in Accra on the occasion of his birthday last Friday.

The Group includes Legon Cities FC, Gulf Energy, Lemla Energy, Lemla Veterinary Services, Tomrich Mines and Construction and Airtech.

The items donated to the three institutions included bags of rice, cartons of milo, milk, oil, biscuits, beverages, student mattresses and cash. The Team also organised a party for the children at the two orphanages, one they were very excited about.

Presenting the items, General Manager of the group Martin Agboyo, said that the donation was an act by the Board Chair to support the vulnerable and to give back to the society in these very difficult times of COVID-19 as well as enabling the children realize their potential in the not too distant future.

Receiving the items on behalf of the orphanage, the various heads of the Three Instutions expressed gratitude to the Group and pledged to use the items for the benefit of the children and inmates at the hospital.  They also made passionate pleas to the Group to further strengthen its support to the orphanages and the hospital at large.

The Group has also pledged to help develop the talents in these orphanages who had a thing for football and also help refurbish Potters Village orphanage.