Ghana League Clubs Association president Kudjoe Fiano says association feels insulted by the quantum of the Covid-19 relief fund  allotted them by the Ghana Football Association.

All the twelve stakeholders under the Ghana Football Association will benefit from the Covid-19 Relief Fund with the 18 Premier League clubs set to share $270,000, the 48 Division One League clubs will also share $360,000, the 16 Women’s Premier League clubs $160,000 and the 72 Regional Women’s Division One League clubs will share $60,000 among a host of others.

According to Fianoo, $2,000 for the welfare body of the clubs is small and they feel insulted with the amount given to them.

The board member of Olympics also revealed the members will meet on Monday to decide whether to take the money or not.

“Many people claimed the essence of the money to GHALCA is needless but the money isn’t coming to one person but for the work at hand.

“We are our own enemies,” he explained to Kumasi-based Light FM.

“We will be meeting on Tuesday to take a decision whether to accept the money or not but we feel insulted by the quantum of cash presented to us,” he ended.