Perhaps, if you were wondering why he chose the hash tag Game Changer which swept through the football arena like bushfire in the harmattan, ending up being plagiarised by many mainstream politicians, you should be satisfied with the answers by now.

Following his groundbreaking achievement of snaking his way through the corridors of the Sports Ministry, peeping through the windows of the NSA and crushing on the YEA to secure the sexy deal of paying players in the Women’s Premier League, Kurt. E. S. Okraku – President of the Ghana FA, has been hailed by all.

If Kwesi Nyantakyi was the Roger Miller of Ghana football, then Kurt, despite being in office for less than a year, is the Abedi Pele of the game.

The young administrator has mastered his game so well that meandering his way through the powers that be, licking them assiduously to make a case for football and getting them on the Game Changing bus is becoming a convention.

The football landscape, over the last few days has been overly impregnated with endless praises for the young man for securing a deal with the Youth Employment Authority that will see female footballers, for the first time, receiving remuneration while exploring their passion.

Facebook was boiling, Twitter was evaporating and Instagram was smeared with the fragrant aroma of this achievement with even those not in mainstream football irresistibly joining hands to applaud the Ghana FA.

Of course, it’s not the entire female footballers in the country but only those in the Women’s Premier League.

But wait, isn’t it phenomenal to have female footballers being paid at the end of the month, something they never dreamt of? Isn’t this also a motivation for players to strive, play well to attract attention from the premier clubs to also enjoy this flowing honey?

Whichever way you look at it, Kurt deserves nothing but commendations for staging such a huge claim of transforming the game, giving a photographic representation of his slogan GAME CHANGER.

Indeed the Game Changer is at work and the game is changing as the wheel of the bus keeps going round.

Many, especially those of us in the Division One League, had argued that the President and the Executive Council should have considered the second tier league instead of the women but for the leadership of the FA to have made that singular choice of monetizing the women’s game, even the blind will applaud Kurt.

At this point, even if I were an aspirant in the FA Presidential elections, and still eyeing the seat, this would have thrown my ambitions away as I surrender and join the Game Changing train towards the emancipation and transformation of Ghana football.

It’s almost a decade now since women’s football started a professional league in Ghana and the only motivation our adorable ladies had in playing the game had been to secure a scholarship abroad to schools and play as well.

But now, the Game Changer has given women, another reason to keep playing, in fact, professionally, as they will earn their living from it.

Compared to other African countries, this achievement becomes another milestone for others to emulate.

For restoring hope to the hopeless and setting an example worth emulating, all have hailed Kurt, the Game Changer for his envious achievement that will continue to elicit praises from even unborn generations.

Just as the Quran 34:61 says “For an example like this, let others emulate,” Kurt’s example is a pictorial indication of how he intends transforming Ghana football.

Kudos Odegwami! Let more flow!
Game Changer … No. 1