Former Hasaacas Ladies striker Samira Suleman has been talking up the most pressing need of women’s football in Ghana.

The Black Queens attacker had an over 5 year stint in Ghana winning laurels with the most revered women’s football club in the Western Region.

Now plying her trade in Iceland with Víkingur Ólafsvík, the 28 year old believes a huge financial injection into the women’s game will serve as a major boost and eventually help address the various issues facing the sector.

She has thus urged the Ghana FA to do all it can to ensure this becomes a reality.

Samira Suleman divulged this during an interview on Football Made in Ghana’s GH Footy Show.

“Number one is finance, huge financial support. This will help address welfare of football footballers, she told FMIG.

“We will also get the necessary media coverage to get videos that can be sent outside to get teams to come and sign us.

“This same financial boost will empower clubs to raise standards and improve the standard of the game to attract more corporate sponsorships. This will eventually ensure players get paid well so they can address their issues.

“I know it’s quite difficult but if they are able to inject some financial support into women’s football it will really help,” she concluded.