Chief Executive Officer of Eleven Wonders FC, Albert Commey wants the Ghana Football Association to remember clubs in the disbursement of the latest COVID-19 Relief Fund released by FIFA.

The World Football governing body announced last week that as part of its support to member Associations during this period where COVID-19 has decimated the sporting terrain, they are making available Phase 2 and 3 of its Relief Package.

This means the various member associations are to benefit from a minimum of $1 million with an additional $500,000 specifically allocated to women’s football as part of Phase 2 of the project while the Phase 3 makes available options of securing interest-free loans to help address the various challenges COVID-19 has caused the football sector.

The development has triggered an eruption of joy across the Ghanaian football fraternity.

Speaking in an interview with Takoradi based Skyy Power FM, Albert Commey says it is necessary the Executive Council of the Ghana FA, considers allotting a portion of the money to football clubs to cater for their various needs.

“We thank God that FIFA has realized that member associations are in difficult times (because of COVID-19). The GFA Executive Council should remember we the clubs because we are really in need of help,” Mr Commey told Skyy Power FM.

“At least they will give the clubs something to give their players or pay some debts accrued. After the Anas Expose teams stayed idle for close to two years and along this stretch still spent on certain club activities.

“Whether you play or not, you need to pay administrative overheads, salaries, rent…all these increased our expenditure so if they can help us cater for some of the debt incurred it would really help us.

“When I read about it, I was very happy and felt this is timely. I am really praying about it and very sure that the Ghana FA will not forget about we the clubs,” he concluded.