The Upper East Regional Football Association EXCO Member, Hon. George A-engbinge Afari has been confirmed as the Progressive People’s Party Parliamentary Candidate for Bongo Constituency for the 2020 general election.

Hon. George A-engbinge Afari is the CEO of the Prestigious Zorkor United Sporting Club, the Chairman of the Bongo District Football Association and the Vice Chairman for the Division Two League Board.

Hon. Afari who is generally considered as, “the choice of the People ” was endorsed unopposed by the enthusiastic delegates of the party.

The ceremony was graced by the Upper East Regional Vice Chairman of the party; Mr Samson Laar, Mubarak Abubakar – Regional Youth Organiser, Sulemana Aliwu and chaired by the Regional Chairman aspirant, Prof. Jonathan Samari.

Addressing the delegates after his confirmation, Hon. Afari urged the supporters to remain focussed and resilient.

“I perfectly know that, our pursuit for the Parliamentary seat of Bongo is a big dream with great obstacles but I am passionate about it.

“Nothing good comes easy but with resilience, determination and faith in God, I believe we will emerge victorious in the upcoming election”.

He further called for peaceful campaign. “I emphasise the need to maintain a decent campaign free of insults and attacks on other contestants or their supporters, for we are peace loving people”.

The illustrious football administrator came into the political limelight in the 2016 general election where he placed second ahead of the then NPP and CPP candidates with votes as follows; PPP 12, 932, NDC 18,542, NPP 6,800 and CPP 259 votes.

The highly enthusiastic and resilient young man is hopeful of victory in the upcoming election. His confirmation today will make the contest in Bongo widely open and difficult for bookmakers to predict the winner.