Head Coach of the senior national women’s football team, Mercy Tagoe has shared the plight of most female footballers in the country amid the Corona Virus pandemic.

The COVID-19 situation in the country means football cannot resume anytime soon until July 31 with a suspension in place since March 2020.

The present state of affairs has seen the finances of football clubs badly affected with many failing to honour financial obligations to players.

Black Queens Head Coach, Tagoe in an interview with GTV Sports Plus shared the sad story of female footballers.

“Most of these girls are not working, all that they do is to play football, and it is this football that is giving them some incentives to cater for themselves.

“Some of them are bread winners for their various families and without football how are they going to cope,” she queried.

Mercy Tagoe has revealed the intervention she alongside other individuals had to make to assist struggling female footballers in this period.

“Even though it hasn’t been easy, some of us are trying to help them financially.

“It is not too good, but we are trying…Even colleague players are trying to help some of them.

“There is nothing at the moment we can do.

“They only thing is to encourage them and talk to them until this COVID-19 is over,” she ended.