Head Coach of Aduana Stars, Paa Kwesi Fabin has outlined the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic on his side.

The two-time champions were top of the league log after 15 matches in the 2019-20 Ghana Premier League season. They were right on track under Fabin who took over the helms in February 2020.

His tenure as Aduana Stars Coach got off to a flying start only to suffer a jolt following the halting of the Ghana Football season March due to COVID-19.

With their gathered momentum dissipated owing to over two months of no football, Paa Kwesi Fabin has decried the impact of the corona virus on his team’s plans.

If you look at the momentum we had gathered while the league was on-going, I had just joined the team and the boys were getting to understand my ways,” he told Happy FM.

“It has affected the boys in so many ways because training under supervision is different from training individually. It has really affected us,” he emphasised.

With camp dissolved, monitoring individual training sessions has definitely been a challenge according to Paa Kwesi Fabin.

However, the technical team has devised a training program to keep players fit to an extent, and according to the club’s head coach it is the best they can do at the moment.

“Fortunately for me, most of my boys are based in Dormaa, my two assistants are all based in Dormaa.

“I am based in Kumasi So I’ve asked them to monitor the boys and when they’re doing their workouts, they send their reports, and some send videos. There is no other way; we just have to pray they do it,” he concluded.

The Ghana FA is set to decide on the fate of the suspended 2019-20 football season on or before June 30.