The president of the Ghana Football Association Kurt E.S. Okraku has called on clubs and various stakeholders of the game to dig deeper and come out with feasible ways to make money to help improve the Ghanaian football industry.

In a period where COVID-19 is having a huge toll on the local sports economy, there has arisen the need for a stakeholders to come together and raise enough funds to help ameliorate their condition in such a challenging period.

Ghana Football has been on break since March due to the Corona-Virus and there is a fear that any further delay will worsen the already crippled financial situation of clubs.

To get the game to return, the Ghana FA boss Kurt Okraku speaking at the side-lines of an event says money will play a paramount role.

“Obviously it all comes down to money. Because if you want to embark on an elaborate educational campaign, its money. Clubs may have to play behind closed doors; it means money will be lost.

“The National Sports Authority will have to prepare the facilities for us because some of the clubs use their facilities.

“Money plays a big part, that’s the gospel truth,” he noted.

According to the Ghana FA president, there has arose the need for all stakeholders to as a matter of urgency come together and churn out innovative ways of attracting corporate investment into the local football sector.

“The football economy is very small, not very robust. And therefore it’s a challenging period where we have to really need to think outside the box, be fair in our thinking process and ensure that the best decision for Ghana.

“Football Association of Ghana has heavily relied on the FIFA and CAF support which clearly is inadequate so we have to find ways to develop our products in a way that will attract the interest of corporate Ghana so that we can have excess funding to effectively and sufficiently take care of our clubs and our stakeholders”, he concluded.