Legal Practitioner Amanda Clinton says she’s profited from contesting in the Ghana FA presidential election last year.

Ms Clinton made history by becoming the first female to stand for election as GFA president. She came up against 5 men in vying for the top seat at the country’s football governing body.

After much fanfare around her bid for presidency, she suffered a huge defeat during the first round of the exercise without a single vote in her favour.

Prior to her contesting, many had already ruled her out and described her attempts as a waste of time. However a resilient Clinton fought back and proved how unperturbed she was at such claims.

Reflecting on the experience after more than 6 months, Amanda Clinton in an interview with Joy Sports has deemed it worthwhile after all.

“My legal practice boomed after running for president. I got a lot more inquiries from people. In a very humble way however there wasn’t that much fanfare about the [GFA election] contestants but because perhaps a female entrant entered, and it was getting closer to the time then the media hype started,” She told Joy Sports