DataBank Chief Executive Officer, Kojo Addae-Mensah insist the 2019/20 Ghana Premier League should not be scrapped despite the extension on the ban on sporting activities till July 31.

All football activities in the country has been suspended since March 15 following the directives given by the President of the Republic.

With no conceivable action for at least a month, and every possibility of the lay-off lasting longer, some have suggested the cancellation of the current campaign.

However Kojo Addae-Mensah begs to differ; “No, my position has always been that, once the league has started, we must finish it whenever we can.

“I have held this view right from day one that, I don’t support cancelling a season that had started to go and start one that you don’t even know about, it would have been different if the season hasn’t started at all but once it has started, we should find ways to finish it”, he told Y FM.

He added: “I mean, as we speak now, the players are all at home, there is no training going on and everybody is doing individual training so whether you announce cancellation or not, nothing has really changed.

“I think what we should be focusing on is how to get the game back in a safe manner because, we don’t even know what the future holds so why don’t we assume that, this thing has come to stay with us and try to put in the necessary infrastructure to bring the game back in a safe manner”.