General Manager of Ghana Premier league side George Wiredu wants the Ghana Football Association to decide the future of the suspended 2019-20 season in the next two weeks.

The season has been halted since March after government imposed some restrictions due to the Corona-Virus pandemic.

The football fraternity was hopeful that President Nana Akuffo-Addo in his last address to the state about COVID-19 will lift the restrictions which would have paved the way for football to return.

With expectations failing to meet reality and football’s return looking less likely until after July 31, many connoisseurs of the game have started heaping pressure on the Ghana FA to decide what happens to the season.

To help clubs cut down on their losses and know the way forward, George Wiredu believes it’s imperative the Ghana FA decide the fate of the suspended season in a week or two.

He told Takoradi based Skyy Power FM, “We have to hear from the GFA by close of the week. If this week won’t be possible, we have to hear from them latest by next week”.

George Wiredu went further to explain how dire conditions are for clubs in this situation.

“Seriously it’s very expensive paying the players without playing football,” he lamented to Takoradi based Skyy Power FM

“We were very hopeful that the president would lift the ban on football activities so we can return to playing. But now that it has been extended to July 31, we are at a crossroad.

“We are therefore waiting on the mother association (GFA) to know the way forward.

“As at now players are expecting to be paid their salaries so far as there has been no official communication that the league has been cancelled or otherwise.

“So we are waiting on the GFA to decide what next,” he concluded.