Veteran football administrator Alhaji Karim Gruzah has re-iterated how necessary it is for the suspended 2019-20 football season to be annulled.

Gruzah’s comments has been triggered as a reaction to Ghana president Nana Akuffo-Addo address to the state that closed-contact sports like football remains suspended until July 31 at least.

Considering the uncertainty surrounding what the future holds for Ghana football, Alhaji Gruzah who owns Ghana Premier League side King Faisal has charged the GFA to cancel the season; a call he’s made since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ghana in March.

“Cancellation is the best option for us because we can’t copy that of the Germans and do you think we are wiser than the French and those who have annulled their leagues,” Gruzah fumed on Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM.

“I agree with Nana Addo for extending ban on football activities, where are we rushing to play our league to, people will say I support cancellation because of my club’s position on the log but that’s not it, we need to prepare well so we can perform in Africa” he concluded.

The Ghana FA is under pressure to take a decision on the fate of the suspended season. The Association has already communicated they will decide by June 30 as regards continuing or scrapping entirely the campaign.

It remains to be seen however, whether they will be pressured to make a decision earlier than the aforementioned date.