The Eastern Regional Football Association (ERFA) on Monday, June 1, 2020, unveiled a new logo, a website and social media handles.

This, according to the ERFA, is part of efforts to reposition the brand by giving it a new look and to make identification easier for consumers of their products, stakeholders and corporate Ghana.

The new logo was unveiled together with the RFA’s new Website and Social Media handles.

This new development is a landmark achievement for Mr. Linford Asamoah, Chairman of the Regional Football Association.

Mr. Asamoah and his Executive Council have been putting measures in place to change the face of football in the Eastern Region. Their aim to give the ERFA, a new touch since they assumed office in February 2020.

The new logo of the ERFA is designed with green, yellow and a bit of black colours to portray the unique colours of the Eastern Region. The colour green symbolizes the rich nature of the environment in the Eastern Region.

It renews and restores depleted energy. The yellow colour represents the rich collection of tropical flora that attracts scores of special birds and butterflies. The botanical gardens in the region continues to draw visitors and serves as popular excursion sites for Ghana’s city dwellers.

Football remains the only community sport that surpasses borders and nationalities. It provides the opportunity for anyone of any age, colour or creed to be able to participate in the sport from grassroots level to elite level. The mountain still remains the UNIVERSAL symbol of Eastern Region. The Stars – Enduring symbol of Excellence. We hold ourselves to higher standards and will continue to make great strides towards success. The aforementioned, are unique features that make up the new logo.

Below are the various handles of the ERFA


The Facebook address:

Twitter: @EasternRFA