Albert Commey

Chief Executive Officer of Techiman based Eleven Wonders, Albert Commey has advised the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to deal with persons who speak ill of Ghana Football.

According to the experienced administrator, such vitriolic commentaries are malicious and injurious to the country’s already tainted football brand. He says if necessary actions are not taken, such baleful speech have the potential to thwart efforts by the GFA to repair and restore Ghana football’s sullied image .

Albert Commey was speaking in an interview with Takoradi based Skyy Power FM when he made this assertion.

The former Aduana Stars CEO wants the GFA to haul such persons especially those not directly involved with Ghana Football to the law courts. He also wants club administrators who engage in such acts to be made to face the GFA’s Ethics Committee.

“Those who speak against the GFA, someone like Abbey Pobbey, he has not contributed anything. He needs to criticise so that somebody finds something for him to keep quiet” Commey told Skyy Power FM.

“I don’t think it’s fair, as a direct contributor, as an administrator, I will ensure I work hard and promote the game well to make Ghana Football attractive” he noted.

“When efforts are being made to improve the standards of the game, then somebody elsewhere will try to taint the image of Ghana football”

“I have advised the GFA, it’s about time we treat the product as business for us to be serious. We will not allow people who seek their own parochial interest to destroy the product”

“It’s about time the GFA takes action against some of these people. For outsiders like Abbey Pobbey and his cohorts they should be sent to court” he noted passionately.

“Even if we the administrators speak in a manner that denigrates the integrity of Ghana Football, the law must deal with us” he remarked.

Albert Commey believes if much efforts and energy are channelled into effectively promoting the game, then we can expect Ghana football to make inroads as regards winning the confidence and investment of the corporate world.

“If we reposition ourselves very well, what shows the corporate world will not come on board and make sure we pay players well, pay administrators well and even to some extent the players can now begin to donate to support social causes” he concluded.