Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has lavished praise on ex-Ghana striker Anthony Yeboah saying the Ghanaian  made a huge impact in Germany football.

According to Klopp, apart from Germany great Gerd Muller,  Tony Yeboah is the player who made a big impact in German society.

The Ghanaian attacker wrote his name in German Football folklore with his his skills and goal-scoring prowess during his time with Saarbrücken in the late 1980 before joining Eintracht Frankfurt later.

Yeboah went on to win the German Bundesliga golden boot twice.

”Yeboah was one of the greatest strikers who played in Germany apart from Gerd Müller. He had a big impact on society,” enthuses Liverpool’s manager, who also remembers some of the abuse one of the country’s first black players had to endure.

”In football we never thought about racism. If some idiots were shouting something, you realised it but you were saying: ‘Are you mad? What are you doing?’ There wasn’t social media so it didn’t get the awareness of today.

”It was usually a single person and if he did it, he would get a slap and go home.

“He wouldn’t do it again. But now of course it becomes more – there are more people – and the story becomes bigger and bigger through the reaction. It’s a shame that we are still talking about things like this but that’s how society is.”

In 2014, a mural of Yeboah was unveiled on the side of a house in Frankfurt near Eintracht’s stadium with the message in German: “We are ashamed of everybody who screams against us.” It was taken from an open letter the Ghana international had written 24 years earlier, also signed by fellow professionals Anthony Baffoe and Souleyman Sané, the father of the future Manchester City footballer.

Tony Yeboah also had spells with club suchs as Leeds United in England, as well as Qatari side Al-Ittihad.