Ibrahim Dossey, Head of Operations of Proton Sports has insisted  the current Ghana Football Association administration will be successful due to the people surrounding the President Kurt E S Okraku.

There has been diverse views with regards to the performance of the Ghana FA since assuming office last October.

But according Dossey, been consultative and surrounded by people like Vision FC President, Mr Osekere and the GFA Executive Council Members will aide the President to execute his job perfectly.

According to him, with the support of Ghanaians, Kurt Okraku will send Ghana FA to the dreamland.

“I believe from day one that Kurt Okraku’s administration will be successful because he is very consultative to people like Michael Osekere and the GFA executive council members,” He told Kingdom FM in an interview.

“Kurt is amazing, with the support of Ghanaians, he will change the face of Ghana football.

The football scout also pleaded more time for the GFA President to change things at the FA.

“I believe that anyone who is assessing Kurt with this short period may not be fair because he needs more time to excel as GFA President,” he added.

Kurt’s adminsitration is just seven months old but has been credited for employing several strategies to transform Ghana football.