Communication Officer for King Faisal Awal Mohammed has explained the reason for the salary reduction of their players amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The management of the club reduced ¢100 from the salaries of each player and technical staff of the club on their April salary.

Some players complained thy weren’t informed about the deduction but only realised the reduction in their salaries when they went to cash out the money.

But reacting to the story circulating, Awal Mohammed has explained that players were informed about the situation at hand before such move was made.

“We haven’t introduce any pay cut as it’s been circulated in the media. We have had some financial difficulties and the money available couldn’t cater for the whole team.

“We informed the players before taking the move. I don’t think this is a big deal.” He told

The Otec FM sports journalist also confirmed the deducted amount will be added to the next month salaries.

“The amount which was deducted will be added to the next salaries of all the players.”

Several clubs in the Ghana Premier League have reduced the salaries of their players on specific percentages after agreeing with the players to do so.