Shrewd Football Administrator Delali Senaye has joined in on calls for government to come to the aid of local football clubs who are struggling in these troubling times.

Football clubs in Ghana have been put in dire financial conditions owing to the impact of the Coronovirus pandemic on the industry.

According to Mr Senaye, clubs fall under SMEs, the target group of government’s ¢1 billion stimulus package hence the need for government to support them.

In an interview with JoySports, Delali Senaye who is the Vice President of Premier League side Inter Allies opined thay government must support clubs who are registered as companies and operating under the Ghana Company code.

“We are not asking money for GFA, we are asking money for Clubs who are in the professional league registered as companies and operating as companies under the Ghana Company code,”

“If all industries are supported [financially], it will not be out of hand or out of order if such help is extended to clubs who are really facing difficulties for the second time in two years,” he noted.