Executive Council member of the Ghana Football Association, Dr. Toni Aubynn has jumped to the defense of former Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah for demanding the payment of his outstanding wages.

The 59 year old manager whose contract with the senior national team expired in December 2019 is reportedly being owed over ($185,000) by the Ghana FA.

Appiah has written to the country’s football governing body through his lawyers demanding the full payment of the debt and has threatened to drag the matter to FIFA in a “worse case scenario”.

However, Dr. Toni Aubynn has sympathized with Kwesi Appiah and admitted he deserves to be paid what he is owed but also noted the FA currently lacks the financial wherewithal to settle him immediately.

“If you hire somebody to work for you and the person has worked he must have his wages,” he told Luv FM in Kumasi.

“And for me personally I think Kwesi Appiah has done his work and due to Ghana. If you put his achievements on the table he hasn’t done badly.

“I know we have a certain perception of him but he didn’t do badly and has done what he could do as a Ghanaian.

“Once he has finished the job we have to pay him and I think it’s not wrong for him to ask for what is due him and it is up to us to look for the money and pay him.

“The issue becomes where you get the money and I’m sure this is the cause of the delay.

“It is not the case that he is not owed by the FA or State, there are some outstanding payments due Kwesi Appiah but they need to understand that sometimes the resources may not be readily available”

Kwesi Appiah’s second stint in charge lasted two-and-half years before he was replaced by his assistant, Charles Akonnor.