Executive Council member of the Ghana Football Association, Dr. Toni Aubynn believes GFA boss Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku is an open minded leader who listens and tolerates contrary opinions.

There is a small faction of the football fraternity who feel maligned by the current administration in the aftermath of the GFA elections.

However, Kurt Okraku has always reaffirmed his intention to bring everyone connected to the industry together to work towards a common goal and Dr. Abuynn reckons he is on the right path.

In fact, key among Kurt’s campaign massage was his desire to build an all inclusive administration to chart a new course for Ghana football.

Dr. Aubynn who is a director for Premier League side Medeama SC believes the industrious nature of Kurt make people perceive him as a dictator, yet he’s not.

“To be honest with you I see a very motivated, a very ready to work and dedicated individual,” he told Luv FM.

“I haven’t seen the utilitarianism of him. I have seen someone who is building and in hurry to achieve and make a name for himself. I haven’t seen any utilitarian side,” Dr. Toni Abuynn noted

“The Exco is made up of people who are independent minded and sometimes we share very independent, not very pleasant views at our discussions.

“I haven’t seen him being dictatorial, he hasn’t tried that on anybody as far as I know.

“He calls me personally to ask my views and opinions about issues and I wonder if a dictator would do that,” he concluded.

Dr. Aubynn is serving on the GFA ExCo for the first time after the governance structure of the Ghana FA was changed.