Striker of Ghana Premier league side, King Faisal, Ibrahim Osman says the players will shoot down any attempts to force them to take pay cuts.

With the CoronaVirus pandemic affecting the finances of football clubs, many of them have implemented cost cutting measures to ameliorate their financial situation.

More recently, the owner of the club, Alhaji Grusah suggested in a radio interview that due to the financial hardship they were facing, he intends getting management to engage the players of taking pay cuts.

However, Osman in an interview with Kumasi based OTEC FM, has declared that such a move will further worsen the difficult situation players find themselves in.

He said “Our salaries at King Faisal aren’t enough, so how will the management even think of pay cut. How much does King Faisal pay us, we the players will never accept a pay cut if they (Management) propose it”.

Salary cut intervention has been implemented to much success in Europe, but over here in Ghana, connoisseurs have questioned why it should be even considered when most local league players earn not more than $100 a month.