Owner and club president of Division One league side Proud United FC, JoJo Duncan says clubs feel let down by the Ghana Football Association’s move to prune the list of teams in the second tier league from 48 to 18.

The GFA announced last week that they have taken steps to convert the Division One to an 18 club league in the next two years, as per the statutes approved during Congress.

The move, inspired by Article 81(6) of the GFA Statutes 2019 has been heavily opposed by club presidents who believe the Ghana FA is not acting in the best interest of football.

JoJo Duncan whose club plays in Zone 2 of the current 48 team structure says the GFA aside acting on a wrong premise has also betrayed the clubs.

The betrayal claims he says stems from the fact that the clubs only acceded to the quoted statutes at Congress as a trade-off to allow the election process proceed and that the arrangement was to amend it later.

He told Takoradi based Skyy Power FM, “A lot of club presidents disagree with the move to reduce number of DOL clubs. They also feel betrayed”

“There was a trade-off that allowed the go so football people will deal with the contentious issues later and find amicable solutions the football way, he continued.

“The GFA has not done that but want to force this on clubs so a lot of owners feel betrayed” he concluded.