President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG), Kwabena Yeboah wants government to extend a helping hand to the Ghana Football Association and the local football clubs during these challenging times for clubs.

The CoronaVirus pandemic has caused a shutdown of all football activities in Ghana leading to the GFA and the clubs suffering financial implications.

Most clubs are struggling to cope with the financial strain this period has brought and have already initiated steps to enforce certain cost cutting measures.

Featuring prominently among such interventions is the idea of implementing pay cuts which has been widely criticized.

Kwabena Yeboah believes that for the football clubs to survive, government will need offer them support by way of the COVID-19 stimulus package.

“The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the central government must in a way try and come to the aid of the football association and by extension the clubs to ensure their survival,” he told the PM Express Show on Joy News.

“Because there is absolutely no way that if they do not benefit from the form of stimulus package from the central government, these clubs can survive. The only way these clubs is for the central government to come to their aid” he continued.