King Faisal players are crying for a break from training amidst fear of Novel Coronavirus and the stoppage of football in the country at the moment.

According to a source close to the playing body, the players have pleaded for a break from training but authorities have turned it down.

Despite the suspension of football activities for the next 4 weeks, King Faisal are the only side yet to break  training as they continue their preparation for the resumption of the league.

Ghana has so far confirmed 24 cases of Corona Virus with contact tracing ongoing. It is believed the infected persons have made contact with over 500 persons amid fears the number of confirmed cases could swell in the next few weeks.

Despite a warning from the Ghana Football Association for the clubs to hold on with training activities, King Faisal have refused to break the players as they continue to wait for the resumption of the league.

Faisal are the only Club yet to win a game after 14 games in the Ghana Premier League.