AshGold CEO Frederick Acheampong has been awarded the Gold Star Order of the Face of the Globe by the United Nations Kofi Annan Blueprint excellence.

Mr. Acheamong has also been nominated as an Ambassador for the UN Mission Ambassador following his award of the Gold Star Award.

The Ghana FA Executive Council member is among 18 distinguished personalities to receive the 2019 award for his contribution and service to humanity.

A citation in his honor read ”From the indispensable common house of the entire Human family, awarding Global excellence base on immense contributions and achievement of Global prosperity and peace in accordance with the millennium declaration, reaffirmation and the General Assembly resolution 701 act of the United Nations Global agenda in National constitutions for explicable practices.

This year’s blueprint honor is recognized under the categories of Development, Global Cooperation, and Diplomacy between nations.

The honorary achievement of the Kofi Annan medal a realization and honor of distinctions of service to humanity enjoyed in the international protocol sphere of the globe, a global leadership accentuation of former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan.

Presenting the award on behalf of the UN, H.E. Dr. Kwame O. Fordour, Global Chairman under the UN Secretary General said the UN recognizes the hard work of groups and individuals, and the award is to raise the entire developmental attributes of such personalities.

Mr. Acheampong who was recently voted into the Ghana FA Executive Council is a CAF Match Commissioner whose knowledge and experience in the field of sports journalism goes beyond two decades.