National Women’s League Committee chairperson Madam Hilary Boateng has outlined some of the major challenges hampering the development of Women’s Football in Ghana.

Speaking in an interview on Asempa FM, Hilary explained how our outmoded  ‘tradition and culture’ has contributed to the lack of growth in the women’s game.

“Women Football in Ghana faces many challenges but I think our tradition and culture is the biggest challenge of all. When you look abroad, in the U.K for example, most of the EPL teams have their female versions so ideally the women are respected by these teams and are permitted to use the stadiums.

“The tradition I’m talking about within our context is that here we have some of the male clubs that do not want to even allow the female clubs to play games before them based on certain superstitions and ‘juju’. This way of thinking  is very archaic” she bemoaned.

Hilary also addressed the issue of inadequate infrastructure to cater for the needs of the women club.

“We also have the issue of venues, when you look at the deplorable condition of the facilities available to the women clubs it’s not easy. These pitches are without grass and full of stones. This is why I support the work of club licensing board whose mandate is to review the turfs and ensure it’s up to standards before our women and men are allowed to play on. In the end everyone deserves to play on a good field”