I am a Phobian but I must confess and admit my extreme delight in what our rivals Asante Kotoko have done by appointing or reuniting with Maxwell Konadu.

Anybody who suggested Kotoko reappointed Maxwell Konadu is a sage, a deep thinker and has the future of the club at heart.

The Porcupine Warriors have continuously shown that they have what it takes to become a bigger club than they are now but poor management and occasional bad decisions have stagnated the club.

Going through the names of all LICENSE A coaches posted by my brother Sheikh Tophic, my heart sank for my Phobia as I saw ex-Kotoko players dominate Hearts of Oak over the number of coaches who have been visible and active in Ghana.

Yes!, not all players end up coaching but look at what Kotoko have done with their former players who have shown interest in coaching.

Kotoko in one way or the other bravely provided platforms for their former players to coach the club no matter how bad they might have treated them some time ago on contractual matters.

Karim Zito,Malik Jabir,Maxwell Konadu,Abdul Razak,Michael Osei,Godwin Abblordey plus those who have had or still have something to do with Kotoko with or without LICENSE A( Ohene Brenya, Akakpo Patron).

Kwesi Appiah and Frimpong Manso are product of Kotoko who have also risen to the top.

A simple flashback will tell us that a number of these coaches have once ruled the national team before and Hearts fans will cry if the Kotoko coaches drop our players. What have we done?

Where are Hearts of Oak’s former players? Plenty missing. Sad isn’t it?

The last time I posted a story of Hearts goalkeeper Ben Mensah going for a coaching course, some ex-players were angry why it should be Ben Mensah and not some old players?

As a club (Hearts of Oak) we have a problem and our former players have also gone to sleep.

Most of the club’s former players interested in coaching have not thought of developing themselves from scratch after football so the club is also scared to provide platforms for them to coach.

If Asante Kotoko decide never to appoint an expatriate, they can fall on a pool of their own product for a very long time.

Ohene Brenya will be trained,Godwin Abblordey and Akakpo Patron are still around the club, Michael Osei is still young plus a host of players who are contemplating retirement and coaching(e.g Stephen Oduro, Jordan Opoku etc).

What will happen to Hearts of Oak after Kim Grant leaves? We will end up appointing ex Kotoko Stars who have spread across the country or go for an expatriate and waste money.

Hearts of Oak should look here:

1. Hearts of Oak must formulate a policy or system to train its former stars and those who are thinking of retirement and interested in coaching if possible.

2. Hearts of Oak must financially support and encourage their ex stars who are interested in coaching.

3. The old players who are interested in coaching must go for courses and stop hiding and complaining about poor coaches’ condition of service in Ghana.

If we don’t develop ourselves as a club and it’s current and former players, it will amount to “planting sugar cane in a loamy soil”. That is a fertile soil but wrong plant.

Phoooooobia!!! Masters
Phoooooobia!!! Let’s wake up.