The Communication Officer for the National Chapters Committee(NCC) Kobby Jones has made some startling revelations about what transpired during a meeting with club CEO Frederick Moore on Monday.

According to the Spokesperson, the leadership of NCC called on Moore to discuss some of their grievances but were met with hostility.

Kobby in an interview with Kumasi-based Fox Fm revealed that Frederick Moore went as far as using foul language, labeling them as ‘uncultured, uncivilized and rude’.

“When we went (to the meeting) to be honest with you our CEO was not receptive, how he spoke to us we didn’t like it”, Kobby Jones narrated

” In the meeting he (Frederick Moore) thought we the supporters have an agenda against him so the kind of words he was using for us was bad. We didn’t go for a fight, we were sent by the NCC to deliver a message, to discuss something with him but we realized he was not in for a discussion.

When asked what exactly the CEO said that the NCC finds offensive, Kobby Jones said;

“If as supporters leaders have come to meet with you, no matter the situation the choice of words must be of decorum. He used some words like we are uncultured, we are uncivilized, we are rude”

The NCC have officially petitioned the board to take the appropriate action against Frederick Moore and called for his immediate resignation.