Ghana midfielder Godfred Donsah demonstrated his masterly goalkeeping skills in the Belgian top-flight for his Cercle Brugge side when their goalkeeper was rushed to the hospital in their league match against Racing Genk on Saturday night.

Having used all their substitutes, Donsah had to volunteer to protect the sticks when goalkeeper Guillaume Hubert was forced out after struggling with injury.

Hubert was subsequently taken to the hospital with a bloody face.

Donsah whose midfield brilliance has been admired by all took his admirers to a different level when he showed what he could do as a goalkeeper.

It is not often that an outfield player is in goal, but during Cercle Brugge – KRC Genk game German coach Bernd Storck had no other choice which forced Donsah to show his hidden talents.

Cercle Brugge had an extremely unfortunate evening against Racing Genk and coach Bernd Storck had to replace two injured players after just twenty minutes of play and when goalkeeper Hubert also suffered an injury in the second half, Donsah bravely stepped forward to put on the gloves after some of his team-mates declined interest in keeping the post.

“I was never a goalkeeper, only occasionally after training at Bologna. But if necessary, I take my responsibility. The trainer called three players and I said I would do it,” Donsah said.

“You have to be ready for every task you get”, the midfielder explained.

Donsah started the match as a midfielder, but ended up playing three different positions in the game.

He was placed at the hearts of defence m after Omolo’s injury, and he excelled as a as centre-back, and also gave a wonderful outing between the sticks after the injury of Hubert, the goalkeeper.

The game ended 1-2 in favour of Genk but Brugge had conceded all the two goals before Donsah turned the miraculous goalkeeper.