Football fans were shocked to the marrow after seeing the leaked contract of Hearts of Oak skipper Fatawu Mohammed written on foiled brown paper following the extension of his stay with the Phobians.

The contract, which was dispicably hand-written on a paper which appeared to have been picked from the dust bin contained details of the player’s salary and signing on fee.

The leaked contract which has been authenticated by the signature and stamp of the CEO of the club Frederick Moore has thrown the oldest Premier League club into public ridicule.

For Hearts of Oak fans, this comes as a huge embarrassment to the Phobia brand as the gesture has not only shamed their captain but has reduced the Rainbow family into a laughing stock.

The unprofessional conduct of the club is attracting strong comments from many Ghanaians, especially on social media.

When contacted the CEO of the club Frederick Moore over the authenticity of the document, he could not deny having signed the document but said the stamp and signature ‘looked like’ that of the club and his but ‘can’t see them well.’

“I can’t see it clearly but I suspect it’s the CEO’s stamp,” he said when asked whether the stamp is his.

Asked if the signature is his signature, Mr. Moore said, “The signature is not clear.”

The state and manner in which the contract was written has been a massive exposure of the club’s managerial loopholes and gross incompetence but Moore insists it’s the document is not a contract.

“This is not a contract document,” he said. “Honestly I can’t comment on something like this in the media,” he added

The condemnable practice which comes nowhere near acceptable standards of operation considering club contracts has exposed the Phobians considering their administrative structure.

For a club like Hearts of Oak to have the contract of their player hand-written on a foiled paper, many people have wondered whether they have an administrator or an administrative secretary.