You are destroying our local league – Akrobeto blasts Ghanaian sports journalists

Kumawood actor Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto has blamed Ghanaian sports journalists for the decline of football in the country.

Speaking on Accra-based Peace FM, the host of UTV’s Real News lamented the increasing focus on foreign leagues which he believes is killing our local game.

Akrobeto questioned the reasoning behind throwing so much light on these leagues at the expense of the Ghana Premier League.

“I blame you journalists. This matter really saddens my heart. Journalists use almost all their time to talk about Ronaldo and other foreign players for more than one hour, however, these people do not pay for the airtime yet you dedicate it for them. How is this going to help us? Even if our national league is defective, we can support the colts football to help develop them.

He continued that “but every Ghanaian journalist is always talking about foreign leagues meanwhile these people do not remit money to Ghana but we are killing our own. It saddens me when its 9 am in Ghana, all sports journalists throughout the country will be discussing foreign leagues on all radio stations. We all always raising them. Even you Dan. When you come to my house, you will never see me tuning my TV to watch the foreign matches, I will never watch it. But if it’s about Ghana, I will go to the stadium to watch.”

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